Laptop screen on a desk showing the BIMCO KPI homepage and 3 ship icons.

Fleet concept introduced in BIMCO Shipping-KPI

Published: 22 March 2022

A new feature in the BIMCO Shipping-KPI allows users to easily operate larger and more complex fleet setups.

The most recent feature to be implemented is the fleet concept. Fleet management has been introduced to the predefined Default and Default with deleting roles. For other predefined or custom roles, the permission must be added accordingly. This change is done in User Roles in the My Company section.


Fleets can be used to subdivide business units to a more manageable size. Therefore, it is recommended for larger companies to investigate how to utilise this feature.

To create a Fleet:

  •   Ensure you have the right permissions. Permissions can be changed in the My Company section
  •   Go to the My Ships section and click on the “Add Fleet” button in the top right corner
  •   Choose the business unit wherein the fleet will be located

Ships are added to the fleet one at a time via the ship view screen as follows:

  •   Go to the ship view screen be clicking on a ship in the My ships section
  •   Edit the ship by clicking the pen in the top left corner of the ship view screen
  •   Select the fleet in the drop-down menu and click “Save”


What is the BIMCO Shipping-KPI

BIMCO Shipping-KPI is a web-based platform for shipowners to benchmark performance in eight different categories, including Health and Safety and Operational and Technical. Cost categories have recently been introduced providing user a unique opportunity to compare cost and performance on ship level.

BIMCO Shipping-KPI is available to all shipowners, with BIMCO members getting access without an annual fee.

Johan Conrad


Johan Conrad

Manager, Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark