BIMCO Documentary Committee meeting at BIMCO House 20 April 2023

BIMCO's Documentary Committee met on 20 April

Published: 27 April 2023

The committee held its spring meeting at BIMCO House in Copenhagen to consider ongoing projects and discuss strategy on the association's contractual work.

More than 60 members and observers from across the world joined the meeting which, subject to fine-tuning, adopted a clause addressing the requirement of obtaining an attestation which enables parties to carry Russian oil products in compliance with the Russian Oil Price Cap Scheme. The clause is expected to be published shortly.

The Committee decided to fast-track the revised Continent Grain Charter Party SYNACOMEX for which copyright is held jointly by the French Union for Grains and Seeds Trade (Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des grains et graines oléagineuses - SYNACOMEX) and Armateurs de France. Existing versions of the charter party are widely used ex Continent, the Baltic, the Black Sea and the South American East Coast. The plan is to present a revised draft for adoption within the next couple of months with a view to publication shortly thereafter.

A clause, for use with SHIPSALE 22 and other Memoranda of Agreement, which gives sellers protection against the ship sold being sent for recycling within an agreed period of time will be further considered by the drafting team and presented for adoption at the next meeting of the Committee which will take place on 11 October in Copenhagen.

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Christian Hoppe


Christian Hoppe

General Counsel

Copenhagen, Denmark