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A new addition to the SUPPLYTIME 2017 annex library is underway: Dynamic Positioning Annex

Published: 25 January 2023

BIMCO has established a new subcommittee to develop a Dynamic Positioning (DP) Annex for the SUPPLYTIME 2017. The DP Annex is expected to be the next addition to the library of specialist pro-forma Annexes, which is being developed by BIMCO in collaboration with industry experts. It will provide a framework for the use of DP systems in the offshore and other relevant sectors.

Dynamic positioning (DP) is a computer-controlled system that automatically maintains a vessel's position and direction using its own propulsion and thrusters, without the need for anchors. It is commonly used on vessels such as offshore drilling rigs, construction vessels, and some types of ships, such as cruise ships and large yachts. The system uses sensors, such as GPS, to determine the vessel's position, and then uses this information to control the propulsion and thrusters in order to maintain the desired position. The system can also be configured to maintain a specific heading or to follow a pre-programmed course.

The use of DP systems in this sector is becoming increasingly common and the DP Annex aims to address the issues in a general framework related to DP system, maintenance, and operations, as well as the training and qualifications of DP operators.

Dynamic positioning systems are used to automatically maintain a vessel's position and direction. This allows for greater efficiency and safety in a variety of operations, such as offshore oil and gas exploration and production, as well as wind farm maintenance. The DP annex for SUPPLYTIME 2017 will assist the parties to meet on a common ground for the principles they will follow while running the DP system and to elaborate this document if they wish to ensure the safety and reliability of DP operations in the supply vessel sector.

The DP annex for SUPPLYTIME 2017 aims to provide consistency and standardisation in the supply vessel sector. This will facilitate for shipowners, operators, and charterers to understand and comply with the requirements for DP operations and industry guidelines.

The development of the DP Annex for SUPPLYTIME 2017 is a result of the increased use of DP systems in the supply vessel sector. This trend is likely to continue as the industry moves towards more automated and efficient operations. The annex is being developed to be a market neutral, well balanced, proforma document designed to work either on its own, or after amendments that the parties may deem necessary to provide and ensure the safety and reliability of DP operations. The subcommittee will continue the drafting work throughout the year.

Members of the subcommittee are Ian Perrott (Independent OSV Consultancy), Graeme Reid Afni (IMCA), Dorota Chmielewska (Siemens Gamesa), Simon Ellis (Subsea 7), Ashok Srinivasan (BIMCO), Janet Ching and Carl Durow (London P&I Club).
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Zehra Göknaz Engin

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