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Revision underway of SYNACOMEX grain charter

Published: 03 November 2022

A BIMCO committee started work this week to review SYNACOMEX, the popular grain voyage charter party published by The French Union for Grains and Seeds Trade (Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des grains et graines oléagineuses – SYNACOMEX). SYNACOMEX and Armateurs de France (ADF) are joint copyright holders of the form.

The latest edition of the contract, SYNACOMEX 2000, was approved by BIMCO at the time and the revised draft prepared by a team working under the auspices of SYNACOMEX/ADF is therefore being reviewed before it is presented to BIMCO’s Documentary Committee for approval.

“Our aim is to update the form and take account of the commercial and geopolitical developments in the world. We are pleased to join forces once again with BIMCO and rely on their expertise to ensure that the contract meets the needs of the industry.” says Christelle Tailhardat, Secretary General of SYNACOMEX.

The review committee consists of Claire Weustenraed (Pacific Basin), Rasmus Saltofte and Camilla Engedal (NORDEN), Emilien Aubey (Ifchor) and Sammy Smallbone (Gard Japan). Work will continue in the coming month with a view to presenting the revised form for approval by the Documentary Committee at its spring meeting in 2023.
Zehra Göknaz Engin


Zehra Göknaz Engin

Project Manager, Contracts & Clauses

Copenhagen, Denmark