Xeneta Summit 2024 - Discover an ocean of opportunity, backed with data

  • 17 October 2024
  • 18 October 2024
  • Beurs van Berlage
    Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Lars Robert Pedersen
  • lrp@bimco.org

Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General at BIMCO, will be speaking at the Xeneta Summit 2024 about discovering an ocean of opportunity, backed by data.

Emissions took a backseat during the Red Sea crisis, so much so that the average CEI rating across the world’s top 13 ocean freight shipping trades hit 107.5 points in Q1 2024.

How do we balance decarbonisation objectives when profit/getting cargo moved take priority during market disruption?

The session will begin with a 10-minute introduction by Lars Robert Pedersen, who will set the scene with an overview of the IMO’s revised GHG Strategy and the decarbonisation of the maritime industry, covering the essentials that shippers need to know. This will be followed by a 20-minute panel discussion on efforts to reduce emissions, highlighting both the challenges and successes encountered.