Olefin mixtures (CX - CXX)

Trade name/synonym name

Olefin or "alkene" is a class of hydrocarbons having one or more double bonds between the C-atom obtained by cracking naphtha or other petroleum fractions at high temperatures. Those olefins containing one double bond are called alkenes, and those with two are called alkadienes, or diolefins

alpha-Olefins are particularly reactive because the double bond is on the first carbon-atom. Examples are 1-octene and 1-octadecene, which are used as the starting point for medium-biodegradable surfactants


The IBC code shows 4 (four) different entries for "Olefin mixtures". Which entry to apply depends on the composition of the Olefin mixture to be carried, namely the number of carbon (C) atoms

The four different Olefin mixtures are:

Olefin Mixture (C7-C9) C8 rich, stabilised

Olefin mixture (C5-C7)

Olefin mixture (C5-C15), and

alpha-Olefins (C6-C18) mixtures

Tradenames. There are several tradenames depending on first of all the producer of the product but also on the number of C-atoms of the olefins in the mixture in question. For example, Shell will give the tradename Neodene 1214 for one of their Olefin mixtures, but the IBC product name shall be Olefin mixture (C5-C15).

Therefore, it is very important to obtain the correct IBC product name and not only accept the tradename before loading

Main properties/hazards
Main chemical and physical properties
Flash point
Boiling points
Melting point
Viscosity @ 20°C
Vapour pressure @ 20°C
IBC carriage requirements
IBC chapter
Ship Type
Tank Type
Relevant additional IBC req.
MARPOL Requirements
Pollution Category
Special information to be added to Shipping Document


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