Tanker ship, container ship and dry bulk ship in collage.

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Published: 02 June 2022

BIMCO has re-launched its quarterly “Shipping Market Overview & Outlook” with Niels Rasmussen, who joined BIMCO as Chief Shipping Analyst in January this year. Focusing on recent developments, demand drivers, and supply for each of the three main sections of shipping; the bulk market, tanker market and container market, the Q2 2022 overview & outlook was presented by Niels at a series of three webinars on 8 June. Watch the recordings of each webinar.

Slow supply growth to support dry bulk market as risks to demand mount

“Although many risks to the global economy and demand for bulk commodities remain, we are optimistic that demand growth in 2022 will match or not be far behind our estimated supply growth. For 2023, we currently estimate higher demand growth as commodity prices and inflation are expected to moderate.”

Watch the recording of the Bulk Market Webinar


Rise in demand and tonne miles to secure sustained tanker recovery

“The overall recovery in demand, along with increasing average tonne miles and very muted fleet growth, points towards a continued tightening of the supply/demand balance in the product tanker market. With quite a few deliveries in 2022, the crude tanker market may not experience as strong a market, even if demand side is impacted by the same positive factors.”

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Strong container market starting to show cracks as uncertainties build up

“The container market is facing significant and unprecedented uncertainties regarding both future demand and capacity. Many indicators point to a slower growth in demand for head-haul and regional trade during 2022 and 2023 than the industry was accustomed to pre-COVID.”

Watch the recording of the Container Market Webinar 


Niels Rasmussen


Niels Rasmussen

Chief Shipping Analyst

Copenhagen, Denmark