15+15 webinar: Thou Shall Not Pass! Routing Through the Red Sea in 2024

  • 22 May 2024
  • 22 May 2024
  • Online
  • David Ditlev Almegaard
  • dda@bimco.org

The last three months have seen a substantial volume of queries in relation to the pros and cons of transiting via the Gulf of Aden versus the Cape. In this episode of 15+15, Alex Kemp and Simon Maxwell, experts in war risks from HFW will briefly discuss the latest in the Red Sea, the level of the threat posed and the factors to be taken into account when deciding when to proceed and when to re-route. The main take-aways from the presentation will be:

  • The decision of whether to re-route requires a nuanced review of the interplay between the contractual matrix and the current threat level (which is informed by a multitude of sources).
  • A pragmatic and commercial approach (focused upon engaging with all parties to the maritime adventure) often provides the greatest chance of reaching the right conclusion, hopefully without the threat of legal-action emerging after.

HFW have unparalleled experience in advising clients on recent war risks around the world including Somali Piracy, West African Piracy, the war in Ukraine, the war in Gaza, the attacks around Saudi and the more recent activities of the Houthis in the Red Sea.

This 30-minute webinar begins at 12:00 UTC (See your time zone here)


15+15 weekly webinars are a 30-minute webinar which includes a 15-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A.


 Alex Kemp
Alex Kemp is a partner at leading shipping law firm, HFW. He predominantly advises clients on the legal issues arising from casualty management and crisis response including salvage, wreck removal, groundings, collisions, fires and piracy with a particular interest in container ship casualties and war risk claims. Alex has extensive experience in marine insurance advising insurers, brokers and assureds in relation to H&M, war, kidnap & ransom, increased value, cargo, builder's risks, yacht and ports & terminals insurance policies. 
 Simon Maxwell
 Simon Maxwell is part of HFW's global Complex Environment team as well as the Admiralty and Crisis Management team. He has first-hand experience of operating in hostile environments. Firstly, as an officer in the Royal Marines, where he served on operational duties abroad, and then in the National Crime Agency. He also, from his time as a shipbroker, has a wealth of experience conducting business within frontier markets. He has previously been security cleared to a high government standard.