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Asian Gypsy Moth Clause for Time Charter Parties 2015

17 October 2016

BIMCO has developed a generic Asian Gypsy Moth Clause for Time Charter Parties that provides a commercial solution focussing on the basic obligations and responsibilities of the owners and the charterers. This clause was published on 22 January 2015. ** ASIAN GYPSY MOTH IS NOW KNOWN AS FLIGHTED SPONGY MOTH COMPLEX ** ** SEE THE UPDATED FLIGHTED SPONGY MOTH COMPLEX CLAUSE ** Not all countries have introduced the new name yet, but BIMCO has decided to standardise on Flighted Spongy Moth Complex, abbreviated to FSMC.

Baltic Dry Index climbs to an all year high

24 June 2015

The dry bulk market has been devastating so far in 2015. However, June has somehow reversed it all in less than three weeks if judged by the Baltic Dry Index (BDI).

Tanker Shipping: Still a strong market as demand stays high

25 January 2016

One of the most characteristic developments in 2015 was the declining price of crude oil during the second half of the year. Brent crude oil dropped from USD 57 a barrel (bbl.) on 1 July to hit USD 37 a bbl. on the last trading day in 2015.