Recorded 15+15 webinar: The parallel universe of laytime holidays

Published: 07 December 2022

Johan Conrad from BIMCO talked about laytime holidays. The concept of holidays is often referred to in charter parties, but what exactly is a "holiday" and how does the industry deal with ethnocentrism and apply the concept of holidays to different languages and cultures?

Watch the recording of the BIMCO 15+15 webinar held on 7 December.


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Based on a 1979 London arbitration award, BIMCO assesses information about holidays in ports and coastal states. In this webinar, an easy-to-understand overview about how time and culture impact your laytime calculations and how BIMCO determines whether a holiday should be included or not, has been given.

  • How attempts to clarify the term holiday may end up blurring the mutual understanding
  • How a single port can have multiple authorities declaring holidays
  • How we are biased by our own perspectives and why it's important to understand the historical context of holiday

Watch the recording of this webinar which was held on 7 December.


15+15 weekly webinars last 30 minutes and consist of a 15-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A

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