Customised training to suit your needs


Usually 2-3 days on-site training can be customised to a specific or range of topics to meet your organisation’s needs.

The BIMCO approach to conducting in-house training

BIMCO is the recognised world leader in the production and revision of standard maritime contracts and clauses. The documentary work of BIMCO has been one of the cornerstones of the association for over 110 years and our global network across the maritime industry provides BIMCO Training with exceptional access to trainers with a unique know-how.

With a membership spanning 2,100 companies in over 120 countries, we know from experience that each individual company is unique, both in terms of the corporate culture and the operational and commercial practices applied. Our experience originates from the 20+ courses and seminars we conduct worldwide every year on operational and chartering topics. Working with BIMCO Training as your partner, you benefit directly from this experience.

We know that highly realistic and relevant case studies, mixed with lectures, facilitate the learning process. As in real life, there is rarely one fixed answer to a situation and the discussions between the groups and trainers form an important part of the learning objectives.

BIMCO Training works with a cost structure for in-house courses which includes all costs, except for venue.

How do we jointly work to ensure that the training programme is beneficial?

Understanding your needs

  • we listen to your initial description of the type of training and topics you wish to include in the programme. We discuss the impact you want the training to have on the participants
  • we ask questions to understand what level of training we are jointly aiming for, and what competences the group already has
  • together, we agree on the learning objectives for the session


  • BIMCO produces a first draft, which includes a range of topics and the first initial overview of what the programme could look like with timings included
  • we produce and suggest case studies based on key issues important for the learning objectives
  • we suggest and line up the tutor(s) required and ensure their availability


  • with the programme and learning objectives agreed, we continue the dialogue to fine-tune the programme
  • we produce the electronic course file and make it available on-line for the participants to download
  • we arrive the day before in order to have a final meeting before kick-off 

The lumpsum fee includes

  • all speakers fees
  • all travel costs for the speakers
  • local accommodation for all speakers
  • preparation of programme, course material and case studies. BIMCO works with electronic course files and the participants will therefore benefit from having a tablet or laptop computer available to them during the training
  • the course can take place at the office of the buyer or a venue to be confirmed. All venue costs are to be covered by the buyer
  • any local VAT or other taxes will be added to the offer.

To request a proposal including quotation, please contact us at: or call +45 44 36 68 00.

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