Ways to train

Face-to-face learning

BIMCO offers face-to-face training in a number of locations around the world, in various formats and across a wide range of topics.


Three-day courses designed for those who have foundational knowledge but need a short and intensive refresher or further in-depth knowledge to become experts in a specific area.

BIMCO standard contract seminars

BIMCO’s series of contract-related seminars are aimed at owners, charterers, brokers, lawyers and P&I club staff who work with BIMCO standard contracts in their daily business. The 1-2 day seminars provide participants with a better understanding of the terms and conditions used in BIMCO forms.

Customised training

Usually 2-3 days on-site training can be customised to a specific or range of topics to meet your organisation’s needs.

BIMCO is the recognised world leader in the production and revision of standard maritime contracts and clauses and this work has been one of the cornerstones of the association for over 110 years. Our years of experience and global network across the maritime industry provides BIMCO Training with exceptional access to trainers with a unique know-how.

With a membership spanning 2,100 members in 130 countries, we know from experience that each individual company is unique, both in terms of the corporate culture and the operational and commercial practices within. Our experience originates from the 20 + courses and seminars we conduct worldwide every year on operational and chartering topics. Working with BIMCO Training as your partner, you benefit directly from this experience.

We know that highly realistic and relevant case studies, mixed with lectures, aids the learning process. As in real life, there is rarely one fixed answer to a situation and the discussions between the groups and trainers form an important part of the learning objectives.

The final programme is based on your priorities and the context within which the learning process will take place. It is a process where we jointly decide what the programme will look like.



BIMCO offers you the chance to train online to build your knowledge and increase professional competencies at your own pace within the given framework. The online training and engagement process can be broken into smaller more frequent portions and can take place in any location (home, office, while commuting, coffee shop). The learning is delivered through webinars, case studies and direct access to a tutor, working in virtual groups and networking with others from the shipping industry.

Key benefits:

  • digital textbooks explaining the topics in great detail with video clips, expert interviews, webinars and case studies
  • self-assessment throughout each module so that students have a thorough understanding of the key issues
  • lower overall cost – save business days as no need to travel
  • end of session testing and final exam to assess study outcome with BIMCO certificate
  • offline copy of the course material for future reference.


BIMCO offers free webinars, mainly for members, on current issues from the shipping industry.

Webinars will cover a range of topics like:

  • shipping market analysis
  • updates on new clauses and contracts
  • new regulatory initiatives like ballast water management. 

What our participants say

Each module and structure met my expectations and all information was clearly explained and supported well.

Meet Jeppe

Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl is educated as a naval architect and is Manager, Maritime Technology & Regulation at BIMCO with responsibility for co-ordinating BIMCO’s initiative on a large variety of technical related matters. His core competencies cover maritime flag state administration (flag state implementation, goal- and functional-based regulation, risk-based approval process), risk assessment (formal safety assessment methodology), Ship stability (intact and damage) as well as in-depth technical knowledge on greenhouse gases and air emissions. Jeppe previously worked for FORCE Technology (Danish Maritime Institute) for eight years and at the Danish Maritime Authority, again for eight years.

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