In-house training

BIMCO offers in-house, web-based and on-location commercial shipping courses world-wide

BIMCO delivers training programmes which are tailored to suit your objectives and requirements. The topics offered are not limited to our current course programmes or topics, so if you are looking for a topic or course for a specific business area, BIMCO can help. Together with your company, we can design the programme to match your requirements. We will discuss the type of training, duration, topics, and desired outcome. We will also discuss the level of training aimed for, based on the competences of the target group. We can add case studies tailor made to the specific issues in your company.

Course prices

In-house course

BIMCO member From EUR 7,800*
 Non-member From EUR 8,800*
   *Fee depends on the number of participants and duration of the course


Topics we can deliver (but not limited to) include:

  • Bills of lading
  • Laytime & demurrage
  • Offshore, heavylift, renewables 
  • Ship management
  • Time/voyage chartering
  • Towage & salvage
  • Specific BIMCO documents (i.e. SUPPLYTIME)


We can also deliver web-based in-house courses. This type of training is useful to discuss challenges or problems related to a specific problem or contract. We offer a bespoke learning environment where participants and trainers can interact, discuss and exchange information and experience from any location worldwide. From BIMCO’s own studio and other first-class facilities, the web-based training happens live with one or more trainers.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions before, during and after the course, just like in a physical setting. Participants receive the course materials and presentations digitally, and can follow the course on their computers. Together, we will establish the rules of engagement and test in advance to ensure that the planned interaction works as agreed. We recommend that the training extends for maximum of one full working day divided in 45-minute slots, and we will ensure that the training takes place in a suitable time zone.

On-location training

BIMCO can organise in-house training worldwide, at your office or at a location of your choice. This solution can be a time and cost-effective method for training groups of staff in familiar surroundings, as  it can be a challenge to empty an office or department for a full day. One solution offered is to run identical programmes morning and afternoon, or to run the course during a weekend. We can find a suitable solution to match your requirements.

The number of participants is up to the individual company and we will adjust the programme and learning objectives accordingly. The training is very productive and there is a significant element of team building during the training sessions and case studies. It provides the participants with a productive learning environment and an opportunity to align ideas and company policies.

The duration can be one to five days and the final programme will be based on the agreed learning objectives and desired outcome.

BIMCO quotes a fixed lumpsum fee per day, irrespective of the number of participants included in the training. This includes all travel expenses, trainers’ fees, programme design, course materials and, if required, tailor-made case studies. The fee does not include an external venue if the course cannot be conducted in your office.


BIMCO is recognised worldwide for the clarity, consistency and certainty of its standard maritime contracts. Our global network across the maritime industry provides us with an exceptional access to hand-picked industry experts with a unique knowledge spanning all segments. Working with BIMCO, you will therefore benefit from this experience and we will select the trainers to deliver your requirements. 


In addition to the training sessions, all staff will have access to seven eLearning modules. This ensures that the learning objectives are anchored and implemented in the organisation, also after the live session of training has been completed. Please read more here. eLearning modules can be offered without live face-to-face online sessions. If you wish to purchase eLearning modules alone, please contact us from the request form on this web page. 

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