SUPPLYTIME 2017: key changes and features

This short video-based course explains some of the most important changes in SUPPLYTIME 2017. In under 60 minutes, our subcommittee members will walk you through the most significant changes of the latest edition and the thinking behind them.

This course is designed to help those who are already familiar with earlier editions of SUPPLYTIME understand the benefits of switching to the latest version.

Topics covered

  • Interviews discussing key areas of focus:
    • knock for knock
    • maintenance and dry-docking
    • early termination
    • surveys, audits and inspections 
    • fuel, and
    • lay-up
  • Complete recording of the Quadrant Chambers Seminar on SUPPLYTIME 2017
  • Sample copy of SUPPLYTIME 2017 and the complete explanatory notes
  • Comparison between SUPPLYTIME 2005 and SUPPLYTIME 2017

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