Ship Management Academy

Ship Management Academy
  • Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • 16 Sep 2024 5 days
  • Available seats 7
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Course price

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A 10% group discount is available for registering three or more participants from the same company.


In a unique cooperation between a BIMCO and the CBS Blue MBA Alumni Association, we present a new and unique learning experience.

The Ship Management Academy is a comprehensive and intensive course designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills required in the dynamic world of ship management. This program covers various topics, ranging from the commercial context of ship management to the intricacies of operational excellence and the latest advancements in the maritime industry.

From the outset, participants will explore the fundamentals of ship management, exploring its history, core stakeholders, and the role of a ship manager as both an asset and risk manager. They will examine the competitive landscape and crucial aspects like reputation, performance, and relations management. The programme concludes with insights into the global maritime industry, geopolitical trends, and the expectations of shipowners, cargo owners, and operators.

Next, participants will explore principles in ship management, legal aspects, and vessel operations, emphasising the importance of customer-centric approaches, organisational structures, and the need for scale and efficiency. Practical sessions, including case studies, provide participants with hands-on experiences, such as analysing the business case for outsourcing ship management services.

The program also covers regulatory frameworks, energy efficiency measures, and alternative fuels, reflecting the industry's commitment to environmental sustainability. It explores performance management, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the role of digitalisation in enhancing service delivery excellence in depth.

A significant part of the program is dedicated to exploring emerging industry trends, such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, insurance, financial management, and controlling. Participants engage in case studies that are directly related to these trends, including PNI, salvage management, and various aspects of financial management and procurement.

Throughout the program, participants benefit from practical sessions, case studies, and diverse topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of ship management's complexities and the tools necessary for success in this multifaceted industry.

Upon completing the entire programme, all participants can take an online test and receive a certificate of Completion issued by BIMCO.

What will you learn?

  • Ship management is a dynamic industry that is constantly evolving. With many external factors influencing the business, it is essential to continuously enhance and develop the knowledge and skills required to add value to the company and establish a strong foothold for career progression. 

    This programme aims to enhance participants' knowledge of the continually developing commercial knowledge and skills in contemporary ship management.


    Learning objectives:


    • Be versed with contemporary trends and developments in the shipping markets, especially issues of demand and supply of cargoes and ships.

    • Learn about the profile of the ship management market, the companies, and their value propositions.

    • Appreciate the characteristics of ship management customers and their needs and requirements.

    • Be versed with key causes in ship management contracts and respective rights and obligations.

    • Know the key ingredients for efficient technical, crewing, purchasing and operations in ship management.

    • Understand the key environmental challenges in ship management and ship operation.

    • Know the main requirements of international environmental regulations.

    • Appreciate the impact of regulatory demands on ship management operations.

    • Understand the key practices and approaches required to fulfil environmental requirements and energy efficiency objectives.

    • Understand the importance of performance management in ship management.

Course programme

Why choose to participate?

The Ship Management Academy is an unparalleled opportunity for professionals seeking to navigate the intricate waters of contemporary ship management. The combined maritime academic expertise of the CBS Blue MBA Alumni Association and BIMCO's commercial and practical experience provide a unique learning opportunity. Participants embark on a journey encompassing ship management fundamentals, regulatory frameworks, environmental sustainability, and emerging industry trends. The program's emphasis on practical sessions, case studies, and diverse topics ensures a holistic understanding of the complexities inherent in ship management.

The curriculum's focus on contemporary trends, customer-centric approaches, and key performance indicators equips participants with the requisite knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-evolving maritime landscape. In a world where adaptability, innovation, and sustainable business models are paramount, participating in this program becomes a strategic investment in personal and professional development within the ship management sector. Furthermore, you will be connected to an expert community of shipping professionals and business leaders within the ship management community.

How will this course help your professional development?

    • Understand the operational and legal implications of the contractual relationships between ship managers and their principals
    • Gain and insight into how standard ship management contracts develop and learn about the changes between the previous and the newly revised forms.
    • Understand the legal concept of “Agency” and the importance of clarity when acting on behalf of a named principal.
    • Recognise the factors affecting the supply and demand of seafarers and the effect on crew managers

Course certification

After the training, participants can take a final assessment (open-book test). If they pass, they will receive a Certificate of Achievement with a grade (distinction, merit, or pass). Those who do not take the assessment will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Course materials

BIMCO and CBS issues electronic course files as Adobe PDF files, enabling you to make personal notes. All documentation and presentations will be in English. Course access details will be provided once you complete registration. 


Stinne Taiger Ivø

Stinne Taiger Ivø

Lars Robert Pedersen

Lars Robert Pedersen

Manolis Nicolaou


Niels Rasmussen

Niels Rasmussen

Michael Elwert

Michael Elwert

Haris Zografakis

Haris Zografakis

Grant Hunter

Grant Hunter

Photis Panayides


Geraldine Koon

Geraldine Koon


Peter Grube

Peter Grube

Irene Rosberg



  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Porcelænshaven 18B
  • 2000 Frederiksberg
  • Denmark

The course fee covers five days of tuition, teaching materials, lunch, and coffee breaks. Taxes such as value-added or other indirect taxes applicable in any country are not included.

Accommodation is not part of the course package. The venue at CBS Copenhagen Business School is centrally located and conveniently accessible via public transportation, with nearby hotel options available

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