Summer Shipping School

  • Vaerloese, Denmark
  • 24 Jun 2024 5 days
  • Available seats 3
  • Payment: visa visa visa visa

Course price

BIMCO member EUR 4515
Non-member EUR 5670


10% group discount is available for registering 3 or more participants from the same company. Can not be combined with any other discount.


The Summer Shipping School is designed to provide a thorough overview of skills used in chartering and operations through case studies and first-class teaching.

What will you learn?

The BIMCO trainers will guide the participants through the daily issues and challenges working in international shipping. At the Summer Shipping School, you will:

  • Gain insight into how English Law shapes the drafting and performance of contracts
  • Get the ability to approach different types of chartering propositions with a greater understanding of how they fit into the requirements of international trade
  • Develop and use logical reasoning and critical thinking to deal with disputes
  • Learn how risks can be mitigated, using different types of insurance products
  • Improve your understanding of the technical and engineering aspects of shipping
  • Gain an understanding of the sequence of events and terminologies used in a chartering fixture
  • Develop an understanding of how the maritime industry evolve and adapt through international legislation in various international fora

Course programme

Case studies

During the week, participants will gain an understanding of the process and challenges of chartering through several case studies.  All of the insights and learning will be put to test on the last day. Working in groups, all participants will take on their roles as brokers and shipping executives in six companies, some as charterers and some as owners.

With exotic company names such as “Almost Chartering” and “Desperate Shipping”, the groups will compete to fix their ships at the best possible daily time charter rate. It is a race against time, but there are rules to be followed such as trading restrictions, the age of the vessels and the general reputation for performing well. These are opportunities or challenges, which need to be addressed and balanced to win the Game of Fixtures!

Why choose to participate?

The BIMCO Summer Shipping School is an excellent opportunity to learn more, no matter where you are in your career.

The course is an excellent opportunity to put your daily work into a broader industry-perspective. The diversity of the participants’ backgrounds, the shipping sectors they represent, combined with the unsurpassed speakers - each leading within their commercial and legal field – is the best possible platform to learn and develop your network.

Participants join from all over the world and they represent all sectors of the shipping industry, including shipowners, charterers, managers and agents. This diversity ensures great discussions and a fun and fertile learning environment.

Should I attend BIMCO's Summer Shipping School or Maritime Law Academy?

If you are familiar with the BIMCO Summer Shipping School in Copenhagen, you will recognise the basic layout of the Maritime Law Academy: 5 days in total, residential, ie you stay together and work together. Where the Summer Shipping School is focused on providing an overview of the chartering aspects, the Law Academy is focused primarily on the legal issues.

How will this course help your professional development?

The Summer Shipping School is a unique blend of key principles on bills of lading, voyage and time chartering, laytime and demurrage, mixed with practical examples and case studies on LOI’s, co-mingling of cargoes, and the effects of piracy on shipping contracts, just to mention some of the topics covered.

The intense learning environment will equip you with a profound understanding of the fundamental challenges related to the chartering and operation of ships. The course will also help you identify potential chartering challenges in advance and enable you to ask the right questions to the parties involved. This will help you to understand your own business opportunities, the risks involved and your exposures.

Course certification

A BIMCO certificate will be issued, showing the duration of the training.

Course materials

BIMCO issues electronic course file as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes using a computer or tablet. Please bring a computer or tablet to the course! All documentation and presentations will be in English.


Baris Soyer

Baris Soyer

Niels Rasmussen

Niels Rasmussen

Christian Hoppe

Christian Hoppe

Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong

Zehra Göknaz Engin

Zehra Göknaz Engin

Mads Wacher Kjærgaard

Mads Wacher Kaergaard

Jakob P Larsen

Jakob Paaske Larsen

Jonas Axelsen Mundt

Phillipa Reid


Alex Chisholm


Thomas Hechmann


Lars Robert Pedersen

Lars Robert Pedersen


Peter Grube

Peter Grube

Ayako Odashima


Mette Juul Madsen


Josephine Schüler Christiansen

Josie Schueler

Tracy Daniel



  • Kollekolle
  • Frederiksborgvej 105
  • 3500 Vaerloese
  • Denmark

The fee includes accommodation from Sunday, 23 June (check in from 14.00) to Saturday, 29 June 2024 (check out before 12:00) (6 nights), coffee breaks, lunches, participants’ dinners (except Wednesday evening) and excursions (as listed in the programme). 

Alternative dates & locations

  • Shanghai , China
  • 21 October, 2024 5 days
  • From EUR 1990
  • Available seats 25  
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  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 25 November, 2024 5 days
  • From EUR 3990
  • Available seats 25  
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