Ship Management Masterclass

  • Athens, Greece
  • 10 Nov 2022 2 days
  • Available seats 24
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Course price

BIMCO member EUR 1150
Non-member EUR 1550


BIMCO issues electronic course files as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes using a computer or tablet. Please bring a computer or tablet! All documentation and presentations will be in English.


Ship Management relies on a wide range of contracts to regulate the relationship between the manager, the ship owner and third party suppliers and customers. This course aim to provide the participants with a clear understanding of the pitfalls and challenges in contracting as a ship manager.

What will you learn?

Masterclasses are first and foremost practical in nature, and even though some of the topics might seem legalistic, our aim with this course is for you to bring new skills back to your daily work, which you can immediately apply.

We will start with a helicopter perspective and set the scene for the next two days – the big issues including COVID, Carbon, costs, connectivity, and collaboration. We will give you an update and some perspective on these important issues.

Next is about the contracts, not only SHIPMAN/CREWMAN, but also how these contracts fit into the larger context of international trade – how ALL these contracts interact with each other and why it is important to understand what each party to a shipping transaction are looking for. And it is not the same!

Therefore, disputes are quite normal. In the session on dispute management, we discuss dispute resolution as a tool, understanding how compensation for breaches works and giving you some tools to better argue your point of view.

Some of the disputes can be traced back to the DNA of SHIPMAN and CREWMAN – the fact that they are agency contracts. This makes them special in many ways and understanding agency as a concept under English law is critical for understanding how to perform the contracts.

At the end of day 1, we will conduct a case study, which brings the issues of the first day together. You will work in groups of 4-6 people to solve a commercial dispute.

At the beginning of day 2, we will discuss how COVID 19 changed many of the commercial legal practices in ship management. Some of the issues have been covered by new BIMCO clauses, but some of the practices applied since 2020, might still be with us for years to come.

One of the issues which proved very challenging during COVID was terminating SHIPMAN and CREWMAN contracts. In this session, we will provide some real-life examples of cases, and in the blinding light of hindsight, analyse what happened and what could have been done.

This leads to discussing the insurance provisions in SHIPMAN/CREWMAN and in particular limitation of liability.

Finally, we will have a case study, which again binds the issues discussed during the day together.

Download the full course programme for further information about the content of the training.

Course programme

Why choose to participate?

This course will be of value to ship management professionals as well as to senior managers in ship management, ship owning and ship operations who wish to increase their understanding of the vital role of ship management contracts and the practical and legal obligations these contracts produce with third parties.

The combination of theory, discussion and casework will make the use clearer and more manageable. The trainers will share valuable experiences and point participants toward practical solutions, which can be used on the job. The course will also facilitate networking between international shipping peers and enable long-term learning relationships between the participants.

How will this course help your professional development?

    • Understand the operational and legal implications of the contractual relationships between ship managers and their principals
    • Gain insight into how standard ship management contracts develop and learn about the changes between the previous and the newly revised forms.
    • Understand the legal concept of “Agency” and the importance of clarity when acting on behalf of a named principal.
    • Recognise the factors affecting the supply and demand of seafarers and the effect on crew managers

Course certification

Participants will be given an option of taking a final assessment (1-hour open-book test) at the end of the course, and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued with a grade (distinction, merit or pass). Those not taking the assessment will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Course materials

BIMCO issues electronic course files as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes using a computer or tablet. Please bring a computer or tablet! All documentation and presentations will be in English.


Michael Elwert

Michael Elwert


Peter Grube

Peter Grube

Elena Tassioula

Elena Tassioula


  • Athens TBD
  • Suitable venue to be announced
  • Athens
  • Greece

The fee includes coffee breaks, lunch and course materials, but not transport or accommodation, which should be arranged by the participant directly with the hotel.

Alternative dates & locations

  • Online
  • 28 November, 2022 5 days
  • From EUR 1150
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