Shipping fundamentals

BIMCO Asia shipping school

The BIMCO Asia Shipping School is a comprehensive shipping course on specific key chartering subjects. The participants can subsequently enroll and participate in one of the BIMCO masterclasses, which is on an intermediate or advanced level.

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Intercultural competence seminar

When you come from different cultures, small details in your communication that people usually don’t assign much value can suddenly become of great importance. Missing out on these can result not only in lost business opportunities and create frustrations on a team, but can also mean that you miss out on the many advantages, working with people from different cultures, creates.

From only: EUR 330
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Maritime Law Academy

BIMCO is proud to present for the first time the Maritime LawAcademy. The academy covers cutting-edge issues of  International Maritime Law and its relationship with international trade, shipping and marine Insurance.

From only: EUR 250
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Summer shipping school

Since 2002, over 800 participants have participated in this full, highly intensive, crash course on the all shipping-related matters we can possibly cover in one week. The course is a unique blend of basic principles on bills of lading, voyage and time chartering, laytime and demurrage, mixed with practical examples and case studies.

From only: EUR 3,990
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Why Choose BIMCO?

BIMCO Training brings you world class training programmes and industry experts, either online or on-site, to guide you through some of the most important shipping topics where BIMCO has over 110 years’ experience and trust.

Ways To Study

BIMCO provides a versatile mix of learning options giving you the opportunity to cover topics via face-to-face training at one of BIMCO’s global shipping hubs or through customised training to meet your company’s specific needs.