Laytime and demurrage

Dry cargo laytime and demurrage

This course focuses on the fundamental principles which underpin laytime and demurrage and how these principles can be changed quite dramatically by the wording of contractual terms. The course also includes practical examples of calculations. Laytime and demurrage disputes constitute a substantial proportion of the cases which are tried by arbitrators and courts in many countries in any year and which result in substantial legal/other costs to the parties concerned.

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Laytime and demurrage masterclass

This masterclass covers general principles on laytime and demurrage for both dry and wet trades.

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Tanker laytime and demurrage

This course first looks into tankers and the tanker market which form the foundation of understanding contractual issues. It comments on the fundamental principles, which underpin tanker laytime and demurrage, as well as concepts that are unique to tanker voyage charters. By giving examples of what could go wrong with tanker chartering and how the courts solved these problems, lessons can be learned and applied to prevent similar problems from happening.

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