Bills of lading

Bills of lading

Bills of lading are at the core of international trade. By nature, they involve sellers, buyers and carriers who are often located in different countries but share various rights and obligations. This course assists participants to identify problems that have arisen in the past in the courts or by arbitration and to minimise the effect of similar problems they may experience during their professional careers. Participants will also be introduced to international rules and legislation, their effect on the carriage of goods by sea and how they have been interpreted by judges and arbitrators in the past.

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Carriage contracts, liabilities & cargo claims

BIMCO's masterclass on carriage contracts, liabilities and cargo claims examines specific issues which arise when goods are damaged, lost or delayed during transit. This masterclass will focus on the legal liabilities of carriers and the practical issues which arise when claims are made against ships, including the mechanics of pursuing and defending cargo claims.

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