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May 2021

Five recent major changes to the BIMCO Shipping-KPI

With the newly reinstated report generator, the developers have finalised the fifth major improvement to the BIMCO Shipping-KPI.

User report generation function is reinstated

Following a general review, the report generator is now reinstated, allowing generation on both KPI and Ranking overview.

Report generation in Shipping-KPI

BIMCO Shipping-KPI will during the next couple of weeks reinstate a core feature of the system, whereby users can export their performance data in a customised, consolidated report.

February 2021

Preparing your account to KPI cost categories

A core benefit of the BIMCO Shipping-KPI system is the option to compare expense and performance at ship level. Presently, the system only allows for internal benchmarking but once a critical mass has been reached, the Shipping-KPI will facilitate external expense benchmarking

January 2021

Generation of operational benchmarking reports available in Q2

The mechanism supporting the generation of reports has changed since version 4. The development team is currently making the necessary adjustments so full reports are once again available. This is expected in the second quarter of 2021.

December 2020

New Cost Category group added

BIMCO Shipping KPI opens a new chapter with the implementation of reporting on cost categories. BIMCO has no access nor interest in these data on the user level. We encourage users to apply information for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020 and submit valuable feedback to the BIMCO Shipping KPI team

November 2020

The benefit of multiple users

Signing up more than one staff member to the company account in the Shipping KPI system provides users with access to valuable company performance information. Additionally, activating several user accounts, as opposed to just one or two, greatly lowers the risk of an inactive account if the staff member, or members, using the account, leaves the company.

October 2020

BIMCO encourages users to continue reporting during the pandemic

In May, BIMCO encouraged users of the Shipping-KPI system to continue reporting during the pandemic. This month the message is reiterated.

BIMCO Shipping KPI statement concerning ships’ emission monitoring

The mandatory Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships and the Ship Energy Efficiency  Management Plan (SEEMP) for all ships are effective regulations for CO2 emissions and provide, in BIMCO’s view, tangible contributions to the global efforts to combat climate change.

September 2020

New BIMCO Shipping KPI version offers improved benchmarking concept

BIMCO is launching Version 4 of its Shipping KPI system to provide users with improved and more accurate ways of benchmarking their ships and fleets. The new version of the Shipping KPI will feature fundamental changes to the processing of information and include an improved user interface.

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