What's happening? Cypriots gather to hear the latest about BIMCO activities

BIMCO’s presentation team highlighted the benefits of using NYPE 2015


Members of the Cyprus Chamber of Shipping gathered in Limassol on 18 January for an update on BIMCO activities and services.

During an hour-long session BIMCO’s presentation team highlighted the benefits of using NYPE 2015, summarised the ongoing review of the bunker contract, and showcased the various business tools and services BIMCO provides.

Grant Hunter Head of Contracts and Clauses, walked the audience through the main features and benefits of NYPE 2015 and discussed the ongoing review of the BIMCO Terms 2015 standard bunker contract.

A key message delivered by the presentation team was the importance of using authentic BIMCO documents. The IDEA contract editing system plays an important role in providing a single source of authentic and secure BIMCO contracts and is the most widely used system in the industry. But with easily obtainable fake copies circulating on the internet, users needed to be on their guard. On several occasions BIMCO had received copies of fake contracts where subtle but legally significant changes to the original text were spotted only by time consuming proof reading.

Grant Hunter explained that advances in technology now mean that BIMCO is poised to create a whole new way of distributing secure and editable copies of its contracts. IDEA was the very first software application of its kind to embrace the "cloud" concept many years before it became commonplace. BIMCO's next step for IDEA will see the software "shell" removed from our documents.

 This means that we will be able to provide Word copies of our contracts - you supply your own software to edit the contract. The security that preserves the original wording of the document and ensures authenticity is built into the actual contract. And, for the first time, you will be able to on a contract offline.

BIMCO shares about plans for “online knowledge library”

Head of Training - eLearning, Miaojia Liu, guided the audience through the comprehensive range of training and knowledge-sharing tools available from BIMCO. Training includes traditional face-to-face open courses, customised in-house courses as well as sophisticated and engaging eLearning tools. Also revealed were plans to create a subscription based "online knowledge library" – short, practical and educational sections ranging from 15 minutes to an hour long that can help people in their daily business.

Other valuable services available for BIMCO members were also presented such as our contract and clauses interpretation, charter party advisory, company information check, as well as BIMCO intervention, the debt collection service.

The presentation was followed by a social hour sponsored by BIMCO where CSC members could discuss issues and exchange views with the BIMCO team, which also included Head of Business Development, Erik Jensby. The team also took advantage of their stay in Cyprus to visit several BIMCO members and prospective members in the Limassol area.

Grant Hunter
in London,


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