Maritime digitalisation

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September 2020

BIMCO to push for international guidelines for ship/shore communication at IMO

Standardising and harmonising electronic ship/shore communication for reporting purposes is high on the agenda at the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) virtual Facilitation Committee (FAL) meeting next week (FAL 44).

June 2020

Associations call for accelerating digitalisation of maritime trade and logistics

The Covid-19 crisis has painfully demonstrated the heterogeneous landscape that currently exists across ports worldwide. With the world’s attention now focused on exiting from lockdowns and preparing for a ‘new normal’, there is an urgent need to co-operate and accelerate the pace of digitalisation, according to a number of leading maritime associations, including BIMCO.

February 2020

BIMCO encourages uniform ship-port data exchange in IMO submission

BIMCO, flag administrations and port associations have submitted a proposal to the IMO Facilitation Committee to develop IMO guidelines that provide global industry standards for data and data sharing, with the aim to enhance communication and thereby efficiency during port calls.

January 2020

What is BIMCO thinking about 2020?

Every year, BIMCO considers what is in store for the shipping industry and for BIMCO in the coming years, while also reflecting on the year gone by. We put all the thoughts in a magazine. This year is no different, and a range of BIMCO people have written their opinions on what the new year will bring.

November 2019

BIMCO’s call for harmonized data supported at IMO

BIMCO’s continued call for the establishment of a harmonized data model to facilitate exchange of electronic data between ship and shore last week took a big step forward, as the initiative was met with support during an expert meeting at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

October 2019

BIMCO submits proposals to IMO to enhance exchange and harmonization of data

BIMCO has submitted two proposals to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to pave the way for easy exchange of port logistic operational data and allow for real-time updates (notifications) between ship and shore.

June 2019

IMO starts work to identify Autonomous Ships regulation

The IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) considered the ongoing scoping exercise to identify affected IMO regulations by Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) at its 101st session in which the Maritime Technology & Regulation and Security departments represented BIMCO.

February 2019

New Consortium will help enable the maritime digital revolution

A Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium (MCC) has been launched to enable the development of the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) and thereby help facilitate the digitalisation of the maritime sector.

December 2018

Newbuilding contracts should require use of Shipdex

BIMCO and MAN Energy Solutions hosted a conference for software suppliers delivering Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to expand the use of Shipdex. Shipdex is the standard protocol for exchanging technical data - such as manuals – electronically between supplier and ships directly, cutting the need for huge stacks of - often outdated - paper manuals.

June 2018

BIMCO helps pave the way for automated ship reporting

As the shipping sector strives for efficiency, BIMCO has provided input at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in a bid to facilitate the harmonisation of data ahead of the April 2019 deadline when new mandatory requirements come into force for automated ship reporting.

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