IMO's new future fuels and technology website refers to the Glossary of Climate Change Definitions in relation to shipping

The Glossary of Climate Change Definitions referenced on the new IMO-backed website

Published: 17 April 2024

BIMCO's Glossary of Climate Change Definitions is now featured on the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) new website, developed for the “Future Fuels and Technology for Low- and Zero- Carbon Shipping Project'” The glossary, developed with BIMCO’s partners, provides clear, concise definitions of key climate change terms and concepts aiming to facilitate clear communication and informed decision-making in relation to shipping. 

The platform is the result of collaborative efforts between the Government of the Republic of Korea and IMO. BIMCO being featured in this new initiative underscores our commitment to support and advise the decision-making within the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) and standardising the terminology used within the shipping industry for improved clarity and understanding. 

The glossary was carefully crafted with the objective of harmonising the language used within the shipping industry. Consistent terminology is crucial for clear communication and mutual understanding in any industry, and shipping is no exception. 

The glossary features a comprehensive range of definitions, from basic climate change terminologies to more complex concepts related to low- and zero- carbon shipping technologies. Each term has been thoroughly researched and defined in a clear, concise manner. This supports that all stakeholders – from shipping executives and maritime authorities to policymakers and researchers – have a common language when discussing, debating, and deciding on matters related to climate change and the shipping industry. 

The inclusion of the Glossary of Climate Change Definitions on the FFT Project website is a testament to the longstanding commitment of BIMCO to support the shipping industry. This aligns with our mission to provide our members and the wider shipping community with the tools and resources necessary for navigating the rapidly evolving maritime landscape. 

See the Glossary of Climate Change Definitions on the new IMO FFT Project’s website.  


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Christian Baekmark Schiolborg


Christian Baekmark Schiolborg

Manager, Marine Environment

Copenhagen, Denmark