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Access requirements:

1. What are the minimum requirements for SmartCon


2. I can't open contracts
3. I can't edit contracts
4. I can't copy or print (restricted permissions)
5. The original text is removed instead of strikethrough
6. I can't undo a deletion of original text
7. I can’t sign into the SmartCon add-in
8. I can't use features of the SmartCon add-in (Reverse selection now)
9. I can't produce a PDF 
10. I can’t produce any Finals
11. I didn't receive the PDF

1. What are the minimum requirements for SmartCon

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Before continuing the troubleshooting, please check and make sure that your device lives up to the minimum requirements at this link (regular SmartCon only): 

2. I can't open contracts

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Here is some points to go through 1-by-1 to be able to open a contract (both saved and new):

Here is a support video if you can't open your contracts

1. Make sure that the file is stored locally on your computer (not in the cloud or on a shared drive like OneDrive, Dropbox etc.).
2. Make sure that you are using the correct password.

a) If your login for SmartCon is connected to your own email, the password is your own Microsoft password (the password most uses to open their computer).
b) If you have been setup with a login from our end;, the password is setup by us and is changed every 3 month.

Once the above is in order try the following troubleshooting.


1. Open a blank Word file and go to “File” and then to “Account” in the bottom left corner.

SmartCon troubleshooting opening a contract 1

2. From here you will have “User information”. Please sign out of all accounts that you are signed in to, until it mentions "sign in" in the "User information"


3. Then close word and try to open one of the contract.

4. You will get the Microsoft login screen and then sign in with your SmartCon login, and you might need to sign a couple of times (both in Word and Azure).


If it still fails Check if you can login here: (if you can’t that may be because you need to change/update your password). If you have just changed your password, you will need to login here to refresh the login:


Note: if you at a point during the sign in procedure is asked whether it should be the “Work or School” or “Private” account.

Please then let us know, as you have multiple identities for one login, and we will create a login from our end instead.


If it continues to loop around to “Change user” or “Add Account”, please check point 2 in our access requirements with your IT admin:

The cause is most likely an antivirus or firewall blocking Azure information protection.


Note: If you get the message that your account is locked, Please check whether there is unsettled invoice from here:

3. I can't edit contracts

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If you can't edit one or more of your contracts, it is most likely because your computer starts in "Protected view mode".

In most cases you would either have an options to "Enable editing" or you can select "VIEW" in the ribbon and then "EDIT DOCUMENT".


Otherwise please try the following in order to disable protected view mode:

1. Open a blank Word file and go to “File” and “Options”.

2. From here select the “General” tap and scroll down within this tap to find “Start-up options”

3. From here untick the middle one: “Open e-mail attachments and other un editable files in reading view”.

4. Click “OK” and now open your SmartCon contract.


Note: We would recommend to contact your own IT admin, to make sure that this is ok with your IT policy.

4. I can't copy or print (restricted permissions)

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By design the contracts are secured and restricted using Microsoft Azure Information Protection.

View permissions

If you check under “View Permissions…” you will see that you can’t “Print”, “Copy” and “Export” directly from the contract.
While the Word way of doing these things have been disabled by design. You can still "copy", "Print" and "Export", if you have the SmartCon add-in installed.

This video guide explains how to get the SmartCon add-in and how to export to PDF (that you can print):


Select the user added text you want to copy.

Then right click on the text and use the feature: “Extract revisions to clipboard”

This will copy your own text so you can reuse it in a different place.
Note: That it will copy the whole revision.


Print and export:

In order to print the document, you need to convert it into a PDF through SmartCon.

The last minute or so from the above video, explains how to do this.


5. The original text is removed instead of strikethrough

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If your text seems to be deleted instead of strikeout, it is because you have set your tracking to “Simple Markup”. To change this go to “Review” and then change to “All Markup” under tracking to see your contract with full track changes.
If your text still doesn't appear with track changes, click "Show Markup" and then "Balloons". From here set the option to "Show All Revisions Inline".

Track changes

Here is a video on track changes in Word

Note: For SmartCon documents with fixed line number, if you don’t want to strikethrough the line numbers during text deletion, you can delete text line by line with line numbers untouched.
And you can’t delete text that includes a content controls (those boxes with green text), you would instead have delete the in front and behind the content control.

6. I can't undo a deletion of the original text

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If you have deleted parts of the original text or another user have added some text, you can reverse it back to original text if you have the latest version of the SmartCon Add-in installed (currently 3.3.). Mark the text you want to reverse and right click it to choose whether to "Reverse selection now" or "Add to reverse list".

  • Option 2: Add to reverse list: will add a marker in the list revisions/changes, and you can now go to the next part you want to reverse or reverse what you have in the list.

Clicking on one of your markers will show you what will be changed when you do reverse the changes. Double clicking a marker will remove it from the list and it will no longer be reversed with the rest of your changes.

Once ready to reverse there are 2 ways of doing it, 
1. When working with versions, click the 3 dots next to "Output file", give it a new name (can be same but with ex. v2) choose the location on your computer and press "Reverse selected changes".
You will now get a new version with all your changes in one go.
2. If you prefer only having one document to work in, thick the box "Reverse to current document" and then press "Reverse selected changes".
This close the document while reversing your changes and then open it again once ready. (If you want to use this second option, you will need version 2.1. or newer of the add-in).

If you have done a lot of formatting changes and you want to reverse it back to the original contract.
Then select the "Reverse document changes" option from the SmartCon add-in and go to "Settings" and select to "Include Format Revisions". 

7. I can't sign in to the SmartCon add-in 

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If you can't sign in to the SmartCon add-in, please open you file explorer and go to the below folder:
%appdata%\BIMCO SmartCon Addin

From here delete the file: TokenCache.dat and then try to sign in again.


8. I can't use features of the SmartCon add-in (Reverse selection now)

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If you get an error about a shared drive with a link to this troubleshooting point.
Please save the document on your desktop or C:drive and update the add-in to the latest version, and then try again.

If it fails from your desktop it is most likely but your desktop is connected to OneDrive.

In this case please try the following:

- Locate and right click the OneDrive icon in the taskbar (a little blue cloud), and then click "Settings".

Older view:
- Click "Office".
- In "File collaboration" untick the box "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open", and it should work again.

OneDrive issue

Newer view:

- From the "sync and back up" unthick "File collaboration".
One Drive issue

Note: This is an information on how to make it work with OneDrive. You might want to check with your IT admin whether it has other implications to your work.

9. I can't produce a PDF

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When you want to produce a PDF of your contract besides issue with finals in the point below, there are 3 things that can cause an issue:

1. If you get the message that an image is detected as not inline with text. Please make sure that there is no watermarks in the Word file and either delete the pictures or make them inline with text.
If you want to find the pictures in your document, use CTRL + F to search. Then select the little arrow on the right of the search box and select "Graphics.

Picture search

You should now see how pictures that are in the document (standard is 1 picture in the header). Go through the pictures and either delete them or make them inline with text.

Picture Inline with text

2. You get a message that there are fewer sections in the document that the original.
If you get this error message please send the Word file to and we will need to fix the document for you.

3. If the file at any point has been saved as anything but a docx (Word file) the file will get corrupted in a non-fixable way (and this includes the old Word file called "doc")
Should this happen you will need to start a new file and delete the old one.

10. I can’t produce any Finals

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If you can’t produce any Finals it is likely because there is an overdue invoice, or you are still on the trial version.
Check under My Account and Invoices to make sure everything related to SmartCon has been paid.
Settling your invoices with a VISA or MasterCard, in the invoices section, will enable you to produce more Finals automatically within five minutes.

1. If your time has expired, go to My Account and check under SmartCon. The only option is to purchase more months.
2. If the access hasn't run out. You can purchase more finals from My Account and then SmartCon.
- From here select "Admin Management" and then "Administration".
- Select the profile and choose the type of contract and number of finals and go to shop and purchase.

Note: You will be able to check the final(s) if any by pressing “Show remaining finals”.

11. I didn’t receive the PDF

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If you don't receive your PDF by email within maximum 10 minutes, it is most likely because it was blocked by a firewall or ended up in the spam folder.
However you can always download the PDF from the "Document History", which can be found both in the SmartCon add-in in Word and via the link below:

Casper Broustbo
in Copenhagen, DK

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