SmartCon access requirements

1. Register your company (if not already done) and purchase a SmartCon account to get started.

2. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe. Adobe Reader is needed to be able to read the PDF file produced when you print within SmartCon.

3. The minimum requirements to access the contracts on your PC, is a fully updated version of:

  • Microsoft Word ® 2013 and Microsoft Information Protection

Next to the minimum requirements it is also mandatory to have the following if you request support:

We have tested and know that SmartCon works with:

  • Microsoft Windows ® 7 (support will cease 14. January 2020)
  • Microsoft Windows ® 8
  • Microsoft Windows ® 10


  • Microsoft Word ® 2013
  • Microsoft Word ® 2016

However for the best experience we recommend that you have the following:

Disclaimer: We will keep the above in this point as updated as possible. However we will support, the same products, which are supported by Microsoft.

4. If your computer has a firewall or connects via a proxy server, please note the following (you might need assistance from your IT administrator).
You will need to allow traffic on port 80 and 443 to the following websites/services

For proxy servers you might also need to allow traffic to Microsoft Office 365. More information available at the link below:
As the settings are different from one company to the other, we don’t support Proxy server though we know it can work. 

5. Accessing the contracts on your mobile

  • For iOS you need the latest version of iOS and Microsoft Word
  • For Android you need the latest version of Android and Microsoft Word
    Please note that It is “read only” on Android devices.

6. If you can’t open the contract, and your computer has the above, please try the following:

  • Make sure that the file is stored locally on your computer and not in the cloud.
  • When you get the permission message, press Add Account/Change user and press to add a new (don't press your login that will be shown). Now login with your email and choose Work account and use your password (you may need to try a few times).
  • Check if you can login here: (if you can’t that may be because you need to change/update your password).
  • If everything else fails, close all Microsoft programs (Office, Skype, Power BI etc.). Open a blank Word document. Then go to “File” and “Account” and “Sign out” (keep signing out until it asks you to sign-in). Now try to open your SmartCon contract before opening anything else and sign in.
    If everything above is ok and you have the correct permissions in SmartCon but still cannot access the document you will need to try this again.

7. SmartCon has been tested and works with Mac if you have the below specifications:

  • macOS HIGH Sierra Version 10.13.4
  • MS Word for Mac, Version 16.12
  • RMS Sharing 1.2.2.
Casper Broustbo
in Copenhagen, DK


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