SUPPLYTIME 2017 Special Tasks Annexes


SUPPLYTIME 2017 Special Tasks Annexes

Although SUPPLYTIME 2017 is a pure offshore support vessel charter party, BIMCO knows that it is frequently used for many tasks other than those it was originally designed for. Users commonly draft their own special provisions for additional services and this sometimes leads to omissions or conflicting provisions. To assist SUPPLYTIME users, BIMCO has developed a series of optional operational annexes which cover some of the special tasks the contract is used for. The annexes can be found below.

The annexes are not a “one size fits all” and may have to be amended or supplemented to fit the users’ particular projects. All of the annexes are available free of charge to SmartCon subscribers.

Helicopter and Helideck Operations Annex

This annex sets out specific requirements in relation to operating a helideck, including legal, regulatory and certification requirements of the helideck for the area in which the ship is operated as well as safety-related requirements for personnel on board the ship.

Extended Offshore Support Annex

When the charterers’ instructions require the ship to remain at sea this annex provides for crew changes, bunkering, victualling, and mandatory surveys and inspections which would normally take place during port visits.

Crew Qualifications Annex

There is no reference in SUPPLYTIME to the qualifications of the crew - information often required by charterers. This annex permits the owners to provide a list of the nationality of crew and number of each rank as well as specific qualifications of certain crew members depending on the requirements arising from the employment of the ship.

Walk to Work Annex

This annex is designed to be used whenever the charterers’ instructions require the vessel to operate a motion compensating gangway system. It deals with legal and safety requirements and allows for an option of either charterers or owners to provide and/or operate the gangway.

Crane Operations Annex

This annex is designed to be used for complex and non-standard lifts; engineered offshore lifts. To cater for all types of engineered lifts, the Crane Operations Annex covers both surface and subsea lifts. The Annex is limited to the use of “traditional” steel ropes and excludes the use of newer synthetic fibre ropes (pending the development of industry standards for synthetics). As a framework for crane operations, the Annex refers to a series of relevant IMCA guidelines while allowing the parties to insert additional procedures – be it industry guidance or company specific requirements.

Charterers Personnel (Passengers)

This annex is designed to be used by vessels that carry and accommodate large numbers (more than 12) of Charterers Personnel on a very regular, or on a permanent, basis. It considers and addresses the legal and operational issues that can arise as well as providing a means of recording agreed accommodation, additional facilities and costs.

Dynamic Positioning Annex

This Annex is intended for charterers where dynamic positioning is a core function of the vessel’s work role. The increased use of dynamic positioning has seen a corresponding increase in incidents and disputes, against which SUPPLYTIME sometimes falls short. It therefore addresses a need in the offshore industry to recognise the contractual impact of dynamic positioning within the charter party context. The main purpose of this Annex is to proactively mitigate these disputes, standardise the verification of dynamic positioning trials and offer a starting point for contractual negotiations. It is important to note that this document does not aim to cover all conceivable scenarios but rather provides a foundational framework adaptable to the specific needs and operations of the parties involved. It addresses critical elements such as the applicable DP guidelines, DP System specification, scope of DP System trials including supplementary trials, and DP System fault, failure or breakdown.

Use with SUPPLYTIME 89 and SUPPLYTIME 2005

All of these special tasks annexes can be used with earlier versions of SUPPLYTIME from 1989 onwards. However, users should note that clause references contained in the annexes will have to be amended to refer to the correct clauses and the preamble will have to be amended to include the additional annexes.

BIMCO would like to thank the following people for their time and input on this project:

  • Ian Perrott, ISOA, Independent Offshore Consultant (Chairperson) 
  • Steve Marshall, Sealion Shipping Ltd
  • Annette Lilja, Maersk Supply Service
  • Hendrick Drossman, SeaRenergy
  • Alf Magnar Liknes, Uptime 
  • Boukje Heil, Ampelmann
  • Graeme Reid, IMCA
  • Michael Junker, DEME Offshore
  • Dorota Chmielewska, Siemens Gamesa
  • Caroline Lorentzon, Floatel.

BIMCO plans to continue developing more special tasks annexes. Future annexes will cover: 

  1. Use of dynamic positioning (DP) systems
  2. ROV support – remotely operated underwater vehicles
  3. Cable laying
  4. Use of diving systems
  5. Hybrid propulsion systems.


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