BIMCO’s standard contract for container leasing was originally published as CONLEASE in 1997. It was revised later and published as BOXLEASE in 2006. The latest edition of this contract is BOXLEASE from 2006.

Copyright in BOXLEASE is held by BIMCO.


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Special Observations

In accordance with standard BIMCO practice BOXLEASE is laid out in two parts. Part I is in a box layout and contains all the variable information, whilst Part II contains the standard terms and conditions.

Part I forms the actual Contract and in the event of any conflict in conditions between the two parts the conditions of Part I will prevail. The main idea behind this division is that it is made convenient for the users to do all the filling in, amendments and special provisions in Part l leaving the printed text Part II unaltered. In this context it should be emphasised that a standard contract constitutes an integrated whole and that any changes to one or more of the clauses may upset the intended balance of the contract as a whole. This fact should never be lost sight of when attempting to introduce changes or amendments to the standard clauses in Part II which have been carefully drafted to take care of the contractual and legal aspects.

A clause-by-clause comparison between CONLEASE and BOXLEASE highlighting the changes made to the old clauses, showing all the new provisions and accompanying explanatory notes providing background information about each clause and the reasons behind any amendments or additional text is available for download.


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