Double Banking Clause 1981


The latest edition of this clause is Ship-to-Ship Transfer Clause for Time Charter Parties 2008.

Double Banking Clause 1981

BIMCO Double Banking Clause 1981

(a) The Charterers shall have the right, where and when it is customary and safe for vessels of similar size and type to do so, to order the Vessel to go, lie or remain alongside another vessel or vessels of any size or description whatsoever or to order such vessels to come and remain alongside at such safe dock, wharf, anchorage or other place for transhipment, loading or discharging of cargo and/or bunkering.

(b) The Charterers shall pay for and provide such assistance and equipment as may be required to enable any of the operations mentioned in this clause safely to be completed and shall give the Owners such advance notice as they reasonably can of the details of any such operations.

(c) Without prejudice to the generality of the Charterers' rights under (a) and (b), it is expressly agreed that the Master shall have the right to refuse to allow the Vessel to perform as provided in (a) and (b) if in his reasonable opinion it is not safe so to do.

(d) The Owners shall be entitled to insure any deductible under the Vessel's hull policy and the Charterers shall reimburse the Owners any additional premium(s) required by the Vessel's Underwriters and/or the cost of insuring any deductible under the Vessel's hull policy.

(e) The Charterers shall further indemnify the Owners for any costs, damage and liabilities resulting from such operation. The Vessel shall remain on hire for any time lost including periods for repairs as a result of such operation.


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