Weather Routeing Clause for Time Charter Parties 2006


Weather Routeing Clause for Time Charter Parties 2006

BIMCO Weather Routeing Clause for Time Charter Parties 2006 

(a)  The Vessel shall, unless otherwise instructed by the Charterers, proceed by the customary route, but the Master may deviate from the route if he has reasonable grounds to believe that such a route will compromise the safe navigation of the Vessel.

(b)  In the event the Charterers supply the Master with weather routeing information, although not obliged to follow such routeing information, the Master shall comply with the reporting procedure of that service.

Explanatory notes

Developed for incorporation into time charter parties, this Clause follows the Hill Harmony judgment in respect of permitting the master the liberty to deviate from the customary route or charterers’ ordered route for reasons of safety. In sub-clause (b) the master is required to comply with reporting requirements of any weather routeing service engaged by the charterers, but is not obliged to follow weather routeing advice.

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