Seaway and Great Lakes Trading Clause


Seaway and Great Lakes Trading Clause

BIMCO Seaway and Great Lakes Trading Clause

(a) Without prejudice to any conditions in this Charter Party applicable to ice, the Charterers shall have the privilege of trading the Vessel to the Great Lakes in the open season but the Vessel shall not be required to enter the St. Lawrence Seaway without the prior consent of the Owners less than 20 days before the officially declared closing date. Even in the event of accident, stranding, collision, engine breakdown or any other cause whatsoever occurring without any personal fault of the Owners, their Managers or Agents, if the Vessel is unable to gain access to the sea because of ice conditions in the Lakes or the St. Lawrence Seaway and/or delays in port or ports and/or locks hindering departure prior to the closing date, hire shall continue during the time of the detention.
(b) The Charterers shall be responsible for any penalties imposed by the US/Canadian Authorities for leaving the Seaway after the official closing date unless delay is caused by the Owners.
(c) Extra Insurance

The Charterers shall pay any additional insurance premiums required on hull, machinery, freight and disbursements to operated outside Institute Warranty Limits. If the Vessel is re-delivered in the Lakes, and provided it carries any cargo out of the Lakes, the Charterers shall only be liable for 50 per cent, of such premiums. The Owners shall pay additional premiums being reimbursed by the Charterers with next instalment of hire. 

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