Calcutta - Sandheads Clauses


Calcutta - Sandheads Clauses

BIMCO Calcutta - Sandheads Clauses

Alternative 1: "If vessel ordered to wait at Sandheads, time to count after arrival at Sandheads."

Alternative 2: "Time counting 24 running hours after vessel's arrival at Sandheads and notice of readiness given and accepted in accordance with Clause... If vessel is kept waiting at Sandheads longer than 24 running hours, Charterers to pay Owners GBP.......per running day for all subsequent waiting until arrival at Calcutta and no further notice to be given. However, time occupied by vessel from time of taking pilot at Sandheads to time of dropping pilot at Calcutta is not to count. Notice as above is to be given by the Master by radio to Charterers' agents at Calcutta or in writing by Owners' agents."

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