Bunker Quality Control Clause for Time Chartering


This clause was published on 19 May 1981.

Bunker Quality Control Clause for Time Chartering

BIMCO Bunker Quality Control Clause for Time Chartering

(1) The Charterers shall supply bunkers of a quality suitable for burning in the Vessel's engines and auxiliaries and which conform to the specification(s) mutually agreed under this Charter.

(2) At the time of delivery of the Vessel the Owners shall place at the disposal of the Charterers, the bunker delivery note(s) and any samples relating to the fuels existing on board.

(3) During the currency of the Charter the Charterers shall ensure that bunker delivery notes are presented to the Vessel on the delivery of fuel(s) and that during bunkering representative samples of the fuel(s) supplied shall be taken at the Vessel's bunkering manifold and sealed in the presence of competent representatives of the Charterers and the Vessel.

(4) The fuel samples shall be retained by the Vessel for 90 (ninety) days after the date of delivery or for whatever period necessary in the case of a prior dispute and any dispute as to whether the bunker fuels conform to the agreed specification(s) shall be settled by analysis of the sample(s) by (...) or by another mutually agreed fuels analyst whose findings shall be conclusive evidence as to conformity or otherwise with the bunker fuels specification(s).

(5) The Owners reserve their right to make a claim against the Charterers for any damage to the main engines or the auxiliaries caused by the use of unsuitable fuels or fuels not complying with the agreed specification(s). Additionally, if bunker fuels supplied do not conform with the mutually agreed specification(s) or otherwise prove unsuitable for burning in the ship's engines or auxiliaries the Owners shall not be held responsible for any reduction in the Vessel's speed performance and/or increased bunker consumption nor for any time lost and any other consequences.


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