Owner membership (companies who own, manage, operate or charter ships)


Owner membership is open for companies who own, manage, operate, or charter ships.

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BIMCO’s Owner membership category is for companies who own, manage (technically/commercially), operate or charter ships.  Only this membership category gives you full access to all BIMCO services. We also provide you with assistance and guidance on problems encountered in your daily work.

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BIMCO supports its members in the owner category with three core competencies:

Providing contracts, clauses and training

  • World leader offering contracts & clauses in shipping covering all aspects of the sector.
  • Utilising BIMCO’s expert knowledge of contracts & clauses, BIMCO offers courses developing skills that support and safeguard your business. Members receive substantial discounts.
  • SmartCon tool for editing authorised contracts. Members receive substantial discounts.

Shaping practical regulations, standardisation and sharing knowledge

  • BIMCO represents its members in IMO on issues such as GHG.
  • BIMCO promotes technical and contractual standardisation to support an efficient and level playing field.
  • Access to direct advice from BIMCO experts on environment, safety, security and navigation issues to support and safeguard the operation of your ships.
  • Online access to security warnings including piracy and drug smuggling, BIMCO’s cargo databases covering liquid and solid bulk, ice information, etc.
  • Free access to use the BIMCO shipping KPI system.

Providing business support services, information and shipping market insight:

  • Access to direct advice from BIMCO experts on contracts & commercial issues, such as charter parties, bills of lading and laytime.
  • Prepare and safeguard your business: access to BIMCO’s checklist on fixing a contracts, explanatory notes for all BIMCO’s contracts, information on 1,800+ ports around the world including the BIMCO holidays, etc.
  • Independent market analysis with a focus on the underlying fundamentals in the market such as supply of ships, market demand, expected recycling of ships, number of new ships being built. Members also get access to a large amount of business supportive data.
  • Strengthen your due diligence (KYC) & let BIMCO check your potential business partner.
  • Debt recovery – BIMCO helps members recover several million USD of undisputed debt every year related to maritime contracts.

Join BIMCO's global community consisting of more than 1,900 members and around 60% of world tonnage:


Around 400 BIMCO member volunteers are involved in committees, subcommittees & panels to network and contribute to the work of BIMCO. BIMCO regularly hosts a range of other collaborative initiatives such as sounding boards and networking events for members. 


Use your membership to promote your business with the BIMCO membership certificate, listing in the online BIMCO member directory and use of the BIMCO logo on your marketing materials.


Pricing 2022

The entrance fee (joining fee) for BIMCO owner membership is EUR 800.

The annual contribution fee for BIMCO owner members is based on the total deadweight tonnage owned, chartered, operated or managed.

Full membership contribution fee

Deadweight tonnage EUR
0-10,000  1,710
10,001-25,000 2,825
25,001-50,000 4,625
50,001-150,000 6,750
150,001-250,000 7,400
250,001-500,000 7,750
500,001-750,000 8,025
750,001-1,000,000 8,850
1,000,001-2,500,000 9,875
2,500,001-5,000,000 10,400
5,000,001-7,500,000 12,650
7,500,001-10,000,000 14,400
10,000,001-15,000,000 18,000
 15,000,001-25,000,000 20,750
 25,000,001-50,000,000 25,950
 50,000,001-75,000,000 31,150
75,000,001-100,000,000 36,350
100,000,000-more 41,550

Corporate membership, branch office contribution fee

Number of offices, price per office EUR
1-5 1,710
6-10 1,505
11-more 1,140
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