Broker membership


Broker membership is open to companies operating as shipbrokers or chartering agents.

Find out prices and more about joining BIMCO as a broker member

BIMCO's Broker membership is open to companies operating as shipbrokers or chartering agents.

Applicants who own, manage (technically/commercially), operate or charter ships must apply as owner members. 

Broker benefits include:

Direct advice from our in-house experts on:

  • contractual & commercial issues, such as charter parties or bills of lading
  • guidance on pre/post fixing documentation
  • company information - BIMCO can check out your potential business partner
  • debt recovery – we help members recover several million USD of undisputed debt every year.

Comprehensive information – always available online:

  • information on 1,800+ ports around the world including holidays
  • updates on security warnings and war risk including piracy and drug smuggling
  • latest shipping market analysis and reports
  • access to the BIMCO members’ directory.

Substantial discounts on BIMCO products such as training, publications, and SmartCon, our contract editing tool.

Pricing 2021

The entrance fee for BIMCO broker membership is EUR 350.

No entrance fee is required for branch offices.

Full membership contribution fee

Number of employees (full time and part time) engaged in the brokering business EUR
1-5 1,540
6-15 1.795
16-25 2.200
26-50 2,750
51-more 3,690

Corporate membership, branch office contribution fee

Number of offices, price per office EUR
1-5 1,015
6-10 855
11-more 555

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Erik Jensby
in Copenhagen, DK

Our vision

To be the chosen partner trusted to provide leadership to the global shipping industry.

Our mission

To be at the forefront of global developments in shipping, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to our members’ businesses.

Our values

  • Trusted
  • Knowledgeable     
  • Relevant
  • Proactive
  • Caring

Strategy 2021

Download Strategy 2021

Our core service areas

BIMCO’s four core service areas provide value and support to our members:

  1. Products: BIMCO’s standard contracts and clauses for the shipping industry and our contract editor SmartCon is a key offering to our members. We also run the BIMCO Shipping KPI System which can be used to benchmark ships’ operational performance.
  2. Regulation: BIMCO takes an active role on behalf of shipowners during discussions and decisions with global and regional regulators and have consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation. We work towards a level playing field for shipping – including fair trade and open access to markets.
  3. Information and advice: we deal with 10,000 member queries every year via phone or email and see over three million page views on our website each year. Our staff share their expert knowledge on contractual, regulatory and technical matters with members.
  4. Training: BIMCO conducts face-to-face courses, webinars and tailor-made courses for companies on a variety of shipping related topics.


Erik Jensby
in Copenhagen, DK