Shipmaster's Bunkering Manual

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The manual is a unique result of cooperation between IBIA and BIMCO to create insight and practical understanding of bunkering across the shipping sectors. Bunkering operations are routine and critical, high-risk operations which require accurate planning from both the owner and supplier to ensure a safe and successful operation.

The publication consists of background information as well as checklists and key notes for the entire process for shipowners, Masters and crew on how to prepare, execute and follow up on bunkering also what to do when it goes wrong.

Totalling 4 chapters and phases of the bunkering process, the manual covers the following topics:

Chapter 1 - Background insight on fuel types and key regulation

Everything you need know from fuel oil types, safety, and environmental regulations to ISO standards and contractual issues related to bunkering

Chapter 2 - Origin and supply chain of marine bunkers

An overview of bunker blends before the ship arrives for bunkering followed by a detailed description of the ship’s preparation and planning prior to bunkering. Advice is also given on how to handle a situation if compliant fuel is unavailable in a specific port. Paperwork including the bunker delivery note and certificates of quality are described and recommendations are given that aim to help to use them correctly

Chapter 3 - Bunkering procedures

Bunker sampling is one of the most important aspects of bunkering. This chapter covers preparations, practical issues and what to do if something goes wrong. Details of the role each stakeholder ashore and on board undertakes during the process including actions required before, during and after the bunkering

Chapter 4 - Calculation of bunker quantity and after completion procedures

Details on how to create a solid background for calculating the bunker quantity and determine if the ordered bunker stem has been delivered. For ships carrying ships specific equipment to undertake the onboard testing of marine fuels, testing procedures referred to. Test results can be complex and difficult to interpret and a detailed description of when a sample is compliant or not is provided. Keeping accurate and up to date oil record book is together with the bunker delivery note important as records for internal and external use for example during port state control

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