Ship Lay-up Guide

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Fully illustrated, with numerous real-world examples, this guide explains why a ship is placed into lay-up and the types of lay-up (hot, warm, cold, and long-term), as well as providing the reader with information on appraisal, planning, procedures at the lay-up site and reactivation. The publication also contains a chapter detailing lay-up locations across the world. It covers all types of ships including cargo and passenger (cruise) ships.

The Ship Lay-up Guide is supplemented by a 100-page Record of Lay-Up, a practical workbook covering all stages of lay-up, including:

  • planning and preparation
  • passage to the lay-up location
  • checklist for all operational stages of a layup
  • during lay-up (including periodic maintenance and lay-up records)
  • reactivation.
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