Reduction of administrative burden onboard ships


BIMCO's position on "reduction of administrative burden onboard ships" has been approved by the BIMCO Board of Directors.


The shipping industry uses significant resources at a substantial costs to achieve and maintain the administrative work imposed by IMO standards and regulations for safety at sea, maritime security and protection of the marine environment.

Recent projects, such as EfficienSea 2, have shown that the use of modern digital solutions can substantially reduce the administrative burden onboard ships. For example, the EfficienSea 2 project showed that a digital solution can reduce the time used for mandatory communication between ship and port with around 80%.

A reduction of the administrative burdens has a number of potential benefits for the industry, such as:

  • Avoid excessively complex routine procedures that can result in delays or inactivity
  • Improve ship’s safety by reducing crew fatigue.

The IMO consultation in 2015 revealed that it is the accumulation of administrative requirements that becomes a burden, not each requirement in isolation. This is an important issue, which IMO needs to address.

BIMCO’s position

  • BIMCO will continue to pave the way for digital solutions to reduce the administrative burden.
  • BIMCO will work to identify unnecessary administrative burdens in connection with IMO regulations.


Rasmus Nord Jorgensen
in Copenhagen, DK


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