BIMCO’s Reimbursement Policy for Committee Meetings



A special appeal is made to everyone to book flights as early as possible and choose a reasonable airline/route with due consideration to saving BIMCO any unnecessary or inflated costs. This does not cover the cost of extra stopovers for personal or business reasons.

On this basis, BIMCO will continue to reimburse in full:

  1. A non-flexible economy class airfare for flights under 4 hours
  2. A non-flexible business class airfare for flights over 4 hours
  3. Appropriate transport to and from airports, based on a taxi unless otherwise notified by BIMCO.


BIMCO will negotiate favourable rates at the designated BIMCO hotel and provide the necessary contact details to allow you to book your accommodation directly with the hotel. BIMCO will arrange payment for your accommodation at the BIMCO hotel for the designated night(s) on a bed and breakfast basis including wifi access. One extra night is permitted if the journey involves longhaul travel.

Hotel Payment Procedure

Please note you will need to settle the bill directly with the hotel for any additional charges (mini-bar, laundry, videos, etc.) or extra nights. When booking your hotel room, please observe the cancellation policy as you will be liable for all charges related to late cancellation or no show, including the BIMCO designated night(s).

The above procedure only applies to a BIMCO Substitute Director when attending a BIMCO Board of Directors’ meeting in the absence of the Director.

The above procedure only applies to a Substitute Owner member when attending a Documentary Committee meeting in the absence of the Owner member.

Reimbursement from BIMCO

All requests for reimbursement are to be submitted to the BIMCO Finance Department via the BIMCO Online Reimbursement System, details of which will be received in the meeting invitation. Should you have any queries, please contact All reimbursement requests should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than two months after the event.

For further information, please refer to BIMCO Rule 24 – Travelling Expenses.

Revised August 2022