Our committees


BIMCO operates a number of committees that make decisions about the future of BIMCO and direction of its business.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets three times a year and is responsible for making decisions about the overall business and direction of BIMCO under the control and supervision of the Board of Directors (BOD).

The chair is always the current President of BIMCO and only owner member representatives can serve on the committee. Chairs from the various BIMCO committees – Marine, Documentary and Security- all serve on the committee.

All documents from the committee, including the minutes are circulated to the BOD for approval.

Documentary Committee

The Documentary Committee is the largest and oldest of all the BIMCO committees. Over 60 people attend on a twice yearly basis and they come from across the shipping industry, including: shipowners, ship operators, representatives from P&I clubs and national shipowner and shipbroker associations.

The committee also has a number of observers from the International Group of P&I Clubs, the International Chamber of Shipping, INTERTANKO, FONASBA and the Maritime Law Association of the US.

The committee approves all contracts and clauses and is responsible for the overall quality of documents developed by BIMCO. Drafts from ongoing projects are reviewed at least twice by the committee before adoption. Committee members also put forward suggestions for new contracts and clauses and guide BIMCO to which projects should take priority.

BIMCO’s documentary strategy is reviewed at each meeting and the committee further decides which projects BIMCO should work on going forward. Once new contracts and clauses have been published, the committee members also take an active part in their promotion.

Marine Committee

The Marine Committee meets twice a year to discuss and review marine, operational and technical related issues, such as cyber security or ballast water management. The topics discussed are all based on the strategy and policy defined and established by the Executive Committee.

The committee has up to 15 owner member representatives appointed from across the shipping industry, based on their qualifications and work experience in the maritime sector. The committee also invites industry experts to attend specific meetings when necessary.

The committee’s aim is to represent the BIMCO membership in terms of company size and ship types, as well as geographical location.

The chairperson is a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors (BOD) and reports directly to the Executive Committee on issues from the committee. The committee endorses position papers sent to the BOD for approval and often acts as experts in response to the BOD on some of their key issues.

Security Committee

The BIMCO Security Committee is made of up representatives from a broad range of shipping areas and this allows a wide range of issues to be examined and discussed at the twice yearly meetings.

One of the main functions of the committee is to examine ongoing work within the BIMCO Security department. Deep discussion is encouraged and decisions are made on future work within specific areas - which include, piracy, smuggling, migrants, stowaways and cyber security.

In addition to the regular committee members from the maritime industry there are also a number of subject matter experts who have a great depth of knowledge. These individuals are invited to add valued comments whenever necessary.

The chair of the committee is an elected representative who is often not a security expert but has a broad knowledge of the maritime industry and an able mediator.

Minutes from the meetings are distributed on completion and this document creates a historical recording of all decisions made, by whom and the actions required to be taken.

BIMCO’s CEO is always invited to update the whole committee on areas within BIMCO, other than security. This ensures that committee members are aware of all issues affecting BIMCO, fellow members and the industry as a whole.

Shipping KPI Steering Group & Expert Group

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System is a global shipping industry tool for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance and is managed by the Shipping KPI Steering Group. The Steering Group is responsible for the definition of and adherence to the KPI vision and mission as well as the business case and reports directly to the Executive Committee.

The steering group meets at least once a year but in the initial phase of updating the BIMCO Shipping KPI standard and system the group anticipates meeting twice a year!

The steering group’s terms of reference are:

  • develop and maintain the BIMCO Shipping KPI business case
  • prepare and deliver the Shipping KPI System vision
  • recommendations from KPI expert group on proposed changes to the KPI standard and system to be considered for approval and adoption
  • submit status reports to the BIMCO executive committee appoint members to the KPI expert group.

The Expert Group ensures that the Shipping KPI System is continuously developed to fulfil both current and future needs of registered users and reports directly to the steering group.