NYPE 2015 campaign draws to close as use of new edition grows


After 18 months touring the world to promote the use of NYPE 2015, BIMCO’s campaign team concluded their seminar series in front of enthusiastic audiences in Rotterdam and Hamburg.

 NYPE 2015 seminar in Rotterdam - Inga Froysa explains the background to the optional NAABSA clause
NYPE 2015 seminar in Rotterdam - Inga Froysa explains the background to the optional NAABSA clause

BIMCO has seen a steady growth in the number of copies of NYPE 2015 used – particularly during the first half of this year. At least one major dry cargo charterer has used the form successfully several times. More and more people attending the NYPE seminars have said they have used the form. This is hugely encouraging given the current market conditions but shows that this modern and comprehensive form responds to the needs of contemporary dry cargo chartering.

The most recent seminars were hosted by fixed premium P&I club, Raetsmarine in Rotterdam and Verband Deutscher Reeder (VDR) in Hamburg. The seminars were led by Grant Hunter, BIMCO’s Head of Contracts and Clauses, together with members of the NYPE drafting team – Inga Froysa of Klaveness; John Freydag of Bernhard Schulte; Jonathan Young, formerly of Cargill; and, all the way from New York, Robert Dillon representing ASBA, the owners of the NYPE form.

Grant Hunter says

These seminars have been a big success for BIMCO. We have really been able to get out and talk to people from the industry about the new NYPE, and the response has been really positive. Over 2,000 people have come to hear about the new edition - a real testament to the value of promoting such an important charter party face to face and hearing people's views.

Everyone who attended the events received a booklet containing the full contract and explanatory notes – extra copies were snapped up to take back to colleagues. The seminar is focussed on looking at some of the key features of NYPE 2015 including the hire payment clause, bunkers, speed and consumption, NAABSA, hull fouling, electronic bills of lading and dispute resolution. 

There was no shortage of questions put to the panel of experts – with particular focus on the suspension and withdrawal provisions and the speed and consumption clause. The audiences both in Rotterdam and Hamburg took full advantage of being able to find out from the people who actually wrote the contract the thinking behind many of the new clauses and amendments.

Grant Hunter
in London,


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