Holiday Calendar 2024 supplement


Published: 13 February 2024

India works with a comprehensive two-tier holiday schedule. As the laytime permitted could be artificially inflated if all these holidays were excluded from laytime, a practice of announcing "Charter Party Holidays" has been in place for several years. BIMCO provides this information in the supplement to the BIMCO Holiday Calendar.  

The Holiday Calendar Supplement for 2024 is now available for download for both BIMCO members and non-members. 

The information in the supplement with the charter party holidays has been prepared in accordance with declarations from the respective local chambers of commerce and industry.  

‌Due to the charter party holidays usually being declared after the release of BIMCO’s Holiday Calendar, the information provided comes as a supplement. The information for the supplement has been kindly provided by our trusted and valuable member, Infinity Shipping Pvt. Ltd. 

In addition to the supplement, the following services on laytime holidays are available for BIMCO members: 

  • Discount on the printed BIMCO Holiday Calendar and other BIMCO publications 
  • Access holiday information online or via the BIMCO Data Exchange Platform 
  • Case-by-base support on all matters related to laytime holidays 

Please contact the BIMCO Holiday Team directly if you are already a BIMCO member.‌ 

Please note that this supplement solely contains information on the Indian holidays for use in laytime computing. For more information on holidays on a national, regional, and local level in other countries, non-members will need to purchase the full BIMCO Holiday Calendar.  

You can also read about all the other benefits of BIMCO membership and apply here


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Johan Conrad


Johan Conrad

Manager, Maritime Information

Copenhagen, Denmark