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Restrictions & Sanctions

Update on Qatar situation

In addition to the previous information provided about the restrictions and precautions to be taken when trading in the area, BIMCO has been informed of the following: 

The Port of Khasab in Oman, has agreed to issue port clearance to ships having difficulties going into or coming out of Qatari ports. Under normal circumstances, issuance of a port clearance at Khasab for ships calling only for the purpose of obtaining clearance is not permitted.

To do so it is important to note that the port clearance issued at the last port must show next port as Khasab, Oman.

The port has a 300 m quay with a maximum draft of 8.5 m. Clearance can be done at berth if available or if not, at anchorage. For clearance alongside, the ship must be able to berth without assistance of pilot and tugs which are not available, however, linesmen will be provided.

No crew launches are available and for anchorage clearance, officials will use available boat service for collection/delivery of documents.

Sources include


Trading restrictions (Oman)

Trading restrictions imposed against Oman

Trading restrictions imposed by Oman

  • Arab League Boycott of Israel: Oman's Position
    According to information received from local contacts, Oman whilst not having officially lifted the boycott of Israel, no longer adheres to the primary, secondary or tertiary boycotts.

    For members guidance an Israeli Trade Representation Office was established in Muscat in January 1996.

  • United Nations Security Council Resolutions


Restrictions & sanctions (Oman)


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