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Restrictions & Sanctions

United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Haiti (Lifted)

UNSC Resolution 841 (1993) dated 16 June 1993 imposed an arms and oil embargo, froze foreign assets, and set up a Security Council sanctions committee.

The embargo was suspended on 27 August 1993 by UNSC Resolution 861 (1993) and then re-imposed on 18 October 1993 by UNSC Resolution 873 (1993) dated 13 October 1993.

UNSC Resolution 917 (1994) dated 6 May 1994 expanded the embargo to include all commodities and products, with the exception of medical supplies and foodstuffs. The expanded embargo went into effect on 21 May 1994.

UNSC Resolution 944 (1994) dated 29 September 1994 terminated the measures set out in Resolutions 841, 873 and 917 relating to sanctions on 16 October 1994 following the return to Haiti of President jean-Bertrand Aristide. It also terminated the sanctions committee established under Resolution 841.

Restrictions & sanctions (Haiti)

Trading restrictions (Haiti)

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