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Beyond celebrating women: Creating a fair and inclusive maritime industry for all - Special edition for the International Day for Women in Maritime

08 May 2023

Companies want and should celebrate the women in the maritime industry. But not all women feel comfortable being celebrated, as it can make them feel singled out. Some feel it might create the impression that they are being given special treatment, while others shy away from the spotlight and just want to get on with their jobs and be treated fairly.

Webinar: Brazil in the spotlight with drug smuggling

04 May 2023

The production of cocaine in Colombia has exploded and the cartels are relying more and more on transhipment ports to keep the world supplied. In this webinar, BIMCO’s Head of Maritime Safety & Security, Jakob Larsen, is joined by experts from security advisory Control Risks and shipping giant Maersk. Homing in on Brazil, the subject matter experts will discuss latest trends and mitigating strategies.

Stay up to date with BIMCO's shipping market insights at online events

29 October 2020

In the coming months, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, Peter Sand, will participate in BIMCO’s very own webinar series: The Shipping Markets Checkpoint: threats and opportunities in a COVID-19 world, as well as numerous insightful virtual conferences focusing on the commercial shipping markets.

BIMCO welcomes California's move in adopting US federal ballast water discharge standards

17 November 2021

The California State Lands Commission (Commission) has adopted ballast water discharge standards meaning that ships arriving into the US will be one step closer to having to follow just one set of standards as opposed to different state-specific regulations. BIMCO welcomes the decision, as having standardised regulations helps create a level playing field rather than having different state-specific regulations. The decision delays plan to implement compliance dates for the existing interim and final California ballast water discharge performance standards which are different and are more stringent than US federal regulations. The compliance dates have been delayed to 2030 and 2040 and the Commission has also adopted regulatory amendments that will implement the federal ballast water discharge standards for vessels arriving at California ports, among other provisions. These changes will become effective on 1 January 2022.

How to use the BIMCO website

17 December 2021

Watch a recording of a BIMCO webinar for members about how to get maximum value from the BIMCO website