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IMO’s HNS Convention now closer to ratification

07 April 2017

The last convention of the international liability and compensation regime for pollution damage from ships is now closer to ratification with the European Parliament’s consent. The consent is to the draft EU Council Decisions authorising member states to ratify the 2010 Protocol to the International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage, in connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea, 1996.

The Shipping Market in 2010 and Looking Forward

06 January 2011

Global economy: Weak recovery sets the scene2010 was a remarkable year for shipping, strengthening the recovery that started with improved overall volumes in the second half of 2009 and ending with concerns in practically all segments. We are now in the early days of 2011 with a global recovery losing momentum as the macroeconomic drivers behind the economic recovery, such as giant stimulus packages, are being phased out and traditional concerns about inflation, deflation and economic overheating are challenging national and international economists.

Towage and Salvage Masterclass Online

21 October 2020

Towage & Salvage Masterclass Online is a series of 10 online sessions highlighting the wide range of ocean towage and salvage agreements provided by BIMCO. This course focusses on practical solutions and ways for the parties to allocate risks and obligations.

Greek shipowners investing the most in newbuilding

03 June 2014

Greek shipowners are not only the most active nation when it comes to sales and purchases, they are also investing the most in newbuilding contracts. Since 2010, contracts made by owners in Greece total USD 51 billion, consistently dwarfing the likes of Norway and China as buyers.

IMO’s Legal Committee encourages ratification of 2010 HNS Protocol

02 May 2017

At last week’s meeting of the Legal Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), states repeated their support for the international liability and compensation regime for damage in connection with the carriage of hazardous and noxious substances by sea.