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BIMCO welcomes initiative to update underwater noise guidelines

27 January 2022

At meetings held at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) last week, a plan was agreed which aims to find regulatory solutions to mitigate the consequences and tackle concerns over underwater radiated noise generated by commercial shipping.

Underwater noise reduction in focus at IMO

14 January 2022

As thousands of commercial ships traverse the open sea each day, they are a source of underwater radiated noise. Low-frequency ambient noise in oceans can have a devastating impact on fish and whale populations. At meetings at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) starting on 17 January, the aim is to agree on a mitigation plan for underwater radiated noise from commercial shipping.

Shipping industry should brace for underwater regulation

03 November 2020

As the world’s seas and oceans become noisier, with little doubt that low levels of continuous noise can seriously impact the health of marine species, it is ever more likely that the shipping industry will have to get used to noise-reduction requirements and new regulations.