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Grain agreement could see 65% of Ukraine’s seaborne capacity reopen

27 July 2022

On 22 July, Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement with Turkey and the United Nations to allow grain exports from three ports in western Ukraine: Yuzhne, Chornomorsk, and Odesa. Combined, the three ports accounted for 65% of the country’s total grain exports over the past five years. Exports could, however, face several difficulties.

New bunker terms now available for use

09 May 2018

The new BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018 that were approved by the Documentary Committee last week in New York have now been published. Sample copies of the BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018 together with comprehensive explanatory notes are available from BIMCO’s website. Secure and authenticated Word copies are available from BIMCO’s contract editing systems IDEA and SmartCon.

New BIMCO Law & Arbitration Clause under way

15 May 2020

BIMCO has started work to develop a new Law & Arbitration Clause. The new clause will provide a short and “one size fits all” approach to dispute resolution, while adding Hong Kong as the fourth named arbitration venue. The addition of Hong Kong reflects its increased popularity as a centre for dispute resolution and that it is currently ranked among the top maritime arbitration centres in the world.

e-Bills of Lading

15 July 2022

BIMCO has developed and published an electronic bill of lading standard (eBL Standard) for the bulk shipping sector. Our goal is to help accelerate the digitalisation process by establishing common industry standards for electronic bills of lading. The eBL Standard is a structured dataset consisting of 20 predefined data fields that are common to bulk shipping bills of lading.

SHIPSALE 22 Seminar - Tokyo

02 August 2022

Improve your understanding of SHIPSALE 22 and its clauses to help you in your role. For the first time, BIMCO has produced its own ship sale and purchase agreement. The project has taken the standards organisation just over two years to complete, involving a drafting team of nine industry specialists who provided broking, legal and commercial expertise.

Simplified reporting form for Shipping KPI

21 September 2020

The release of the BIMCO Shipping KPI version 4 will, in addition to visual changes contain changes to the reporting format and thereby make manual reporting easier than ever before.