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New bunker terms now available for use

09 May 2018

The new BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018 that were approved by the Documentary Committee last week in New York have now been published. Sample copies of the BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018 together with comprehensive explanatory notes are available from BIMCO’s website. Secure and authenticated Word copies are available from BIMCO’s contract editing systems IDEA and SmartCon.

Sibyl Xu

29 October 2021

Sibyl joined BIMCO in 2018 and started her career as a support for BIMCO’s contract editing system SmartCon in Asia. In the meantime, she teams up with BIMCO’s Training Department by hosting courses, particularly in the Far East. Sibyl graduated from the Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) and holds a Master’s degree in International Law.

Agent membership

20 December 2021

Agent membership is open to companies operating as ship agents. Find out prices and more about joining BIMCO as an agent member

Broker membership

20 December 2021

Broker membership is open to companies operating as shipbrokers or chartering agents. Find out prices and more about joining BIMCO as a broker member

Associate membership

23 August 2022

BIMCO associate membership is open to educational Institutions, private maritime security companies (PMSCs), law firms, national organisations, suppliers, consultants, etc. Find out prices and more about joining BIMCO as an associate member

BIMCO activates Covid-19 contingency plan – all services still available

12 March 2020

The Danish Government is taking new measures against Covid-19. Until 27 March, all public servants in non-critical jobs have been sent home, all educational institutions, schools and day care facilities are closed, and indoor gatherings have been limited to 100 people. Furthermore, the government has urged all private companies to have as many people as possible working from home, among other things, to slow down the spread of the virus.

BIMCO standard ship repair contracts overhauled

15 November 2018

BIMCO has revised and updated its two standard ship repair contracts: REPAIRCON, which is for major work at a repair yard; and MINREPCON, which is for minor repair work that can be done by contractors when a ship is in port.

BIMCO publishes new standalone Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts

17 June 2021

A buyer’s payment instalments are at risk under a shipbuilding contract until the shipyard delivers the ship. To safeguard against the risk of the shipyard defaulting or becoming insolvent it is common practice to cover this risk with a refund guarantee issued by a bank. BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has adopted a clearly worded standalone refund guarantee that will assist parties in their shipbuilding projects.