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23 February 2017

SHIPTERM is a standardised term sheet intended for use in a bilateral, secured term loan ship financing transaction. The term sheet has been prepared for use in transactions between a single lender and one or more affiliated borrowers. The latest edition of this contract is SHIPTERM, issued in 2017. Copyright in SHIPTERM is held by BIMCO.

NYPE 2015

17 October 2016

The New York Produce Exchange Form (NYPE) is the most widely used standard time charter party in the dry cargo sector. NYPE 2015 was developed in cooperation between BIMCO, the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (ASBA), who are the copyright holders of the form, and the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF). The latest edition of this contract is NYPE 2015.


17 October 2016

The Standard Agreement for the Supervision of Vessel Construction, codenamed SUPERMAN, clearly sets out a ship managers’ duties and obligations when providing supervision services to a newbuilding project. It is an agency based agreement whereby the supervisors act for and on behalf of the owners. SUPERMAN is modelled on SHIPMAN 2009 and includes the same structure of liability provisions. Payment is on a “cost plus fee” basis. The latest edition of this contract is SUPERMAN, issued in 2016. Copyright in SUPERMAN is held by BIMCO.

Casper Broustbo

16 October 2019

Casper Broustbo is the Product Manager of the contract editor SmartCon. He started in BIMCO in 2013 mainly as support for the old contract editor IDEA. During the 6 years he has gone from Support of IDEA, to product manager of IDEA and now Product Manager of the new contract editor SmartCon. Casper holds a Master’s in Economics and Marketing from Copenhagen Business School, and is among others also involved in the sales and marketing of the BIMCO Publications.

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02 April 2020

SmartCon will be the long-term successor for IDEA. Based on the latest Microsoft technology, it will ensure that we can continue to offer our industry-known contracts for years to come.

BIMCO contracts

02 April 2020

All of BIMCO's most widely used charter parties, bills of lading and other standard agreements are available in an electronic format using BIMCO's online pay-as-you-go charter party editing system, SmartCon.